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Sarahs Way

Sarahs Way
Single Family Residence
East Hampton, NY
Architecture & Interior Design
Landscape Design icw Marders

As one of the last remaining estate properties located in a historic district of East Hampton Village, this single family compound was designed to embrace the traditional qualities of the surrounding community in a refined yet humble manner.  

The property, which consists of two building lots, is able to accommodate a main residence along with a number of accessory structures.  In order to properly scale the new structure within the local context, it was designed as a series of pavilions connected by passageways.  These pavilions reflect the local architectural language which is known for traditional gabled forms, white-washed masonry, wood siding, and formal gardens.  The new design minimizes the architectural detailing and ornamentation which provides a simple, yet refined backdrop to the formal setting.  The landscape design consists of a minimal plant palette which meanders it's way into the numerous courtyards created by the architecture.